Cover photo: Dome of Light art installation, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Who are E4C?

We are Engineering 4 Change, a society of the University of Edinburgh!

“Each one of us can make a difference. Together we make change!” - Barbara Mikulski

Current Committee

E4C President


Brice Pathault

E4C Social Sec & Fundraising

Social Sec & Fundraising

Abd Alremal

E4C Aquaponics Dev Leader

Aquaponics Develpoment Leader

Ania Duffy

E4C Proj Cambodia Leader

Project Cambodia Leader

Keir Dinardo

E4C Secretary


Caitlin McLeod

E4C Social Media Coordinator

Social Media Coordinator

Felix Birch

E4C Precious Plastics Leader

Precious Plastics Leader

Idriss Elkettani

E4C Proj Romania Leader

Project Romania Leader

Olavo Mendes

E4C Treasurer


Euan Lambert

E4C Winds of Change Leader

Winds of Change Leader

David Thomason

E4C Diem Leader

Diem Leader

Zhen Han Hann


Please be in touch! We do our best to keep on top of our emails & will get back to you soon!